Śrī Vaiṣṇavism

*/ 31. Social blemishes are mitigated through Right Association. 218. The blemishes associated with an inferior birth are mitigated through association with distinguished persons. Distinguished people are those enlightened Śrī-Vaiṣṇavas who are free from conceit, selfishness and deception and are steeped in love of God and compassion for all beings, and who strive for the welfare of the entire world

*/ 36. Program for Spiritual development 243. One should keep oneself under constant surveillance — considering oneself as the ground in which solipsism produces desire for sense-gratification which is the cause of ruin in every way. One should avoid like a snake, worldly people (Samsāris) who are promoters of self-centeredness and sense-gratification. One should treat Śrī Vaiṣṇavas who are concerned

*/ 41. Positive qualities to be developed. 272. It is obvious that it is difficult to renounce everything that proceeds from the object of enjoyment. It can be seen from some of the Hymns of the Āḻvārs that they could also have been classified as self-seekers, having given themselves over totally to the enjoyment of the rapture of ecstatic union

*/ 46. Teacher — disciple relationship . 308. Indeed when imparting teaching, the Ācārya must at all costs avoid the reprehensible delusions regarding the position of a preceptor, the role of the disciple and the results of the instruction. If a person, duly eligible to receive initiation and instruction seeks the good office of the Ācārya — the Ācārya would

*/ 51. Karma & Grace 374. Karma results in suffering, Grace brings about liberation. Although the Lord gives permission for the jīva to remain in Samsāra He also expects the jīva to obey the dictates of the Scriptures and to follow Dharma and thus accumulate merit which leads one back to Godhead, but the cetanas become totally immersed in Samsāra

*/ 56. Anxiety & confidence 405. Anxiety and confidence will continue to alternate until attainment [of liberation]. When one reflects upon the enormity of Karma and its reactions one becomes despondent of ever being liberated from Samsāra, but contemplation upon the compassion and saving Grace of the lord makes one confident. This oscillating between anxiety and confidence is natural and

Taṉiyaṉ 1. [Invocation by Śrīman Nāthamuni] Bhaktāmṛtam viśvajana anumodanaṁ Sarvārthadam Śrī Śaṭhakopa Vāṅgmayaṁ Sahasra śākhopaniṣad samāgamaṁ Namāmyahaṁ drāvida Veda Sāgaraṁ. Translation Worship do I the Ocean of Tamil Vedas, The aggregate of the Upaniṣads, having thousands of branches, spelt out by Śaṭhakopa, The ambrosia for God-lovers, Which regales all alike [the denizens of the Universe as well as the Supreme

BOOK I First Centum-First Decade 1.1 Arise, O heart, worship the feet of the one, who is higher than the highest good, who is the Lord of the ever-wakeful celestials, who dispels all doubt and grants pure knowledge. 1.2 He cleanses the heart, makes it blossom and grow, he is beyond the ken of thought, feeling and senses, He is

Śrī: Śrīmatē Rāmāṉujāya Namaḥ Tiruvāy moḻi iraṇṭām pattu Book 2 Second Centum—First Decade (II-1) Preamble In the last stanza of the preceding decade, the Ālvār who had already conjured up the vision of the Lord as having entered his body and gone right up to his head, referred to the Lord as the blue gem, overlord of the Celestials and

Śrī: Śrīmatē rāmāṉujāya nama: Tiruvāy moḻi mūṉṟām pattu BOOK 3 Third Centum-First Decade 1.1. Did the radiance of your face blossom into a radiant crown over you Did the radiance of your lotus feet blossom into a lotus pedestal below you? Did the radiance of your golden frame transform itself into the robes and ornaments all over you? O Tell