Śrī Vaiṣṇavism

Śrī: Śrīmate Rāmāṉujāya nama: Tiruvāymoḻi nāṉkām pattu BOOK 4 Fourth Centum-First Decade 1.1 Contemplate, quickly, the feet of Tiru-Nāraṇaṉ and arise! For, monarchs who rule the world as one empire, do one day go begging, leg bitten by a black plague, bowl broken, shamed and scorned by the world 1.2 Come quick and join the feet of the Lord with

Śrī: Śrīmate Rāmāṉujāya nama: Tiruvāymoḻi aintām pattu BOOK 5 Fifth Centum-First Decade 1.1 Uttering, "Holder of bright discus!", "My gem-hued Lord!", and many such shallow praises, I roamed and danced, and attained the truth, who can prevent what fortune favours? My Lord, Krishna, if you leave me now, will I let you go? 1.2 I only spoke false worlds like,

Śrī: Śrīmate rāmāṉujāya nama: Tiruvāymoḻi āṟāmpattu BOOK 6 Sixth Centum-First Decade 1.1 O Flocking egrets picking worms in my flowery marshes! My berry-lipped Lord with discus in hand, resides in beautiful prosperous Tiruvaṇvaṇṭūr, where paddy grows tall. Go tell him with folded hands my sad tale of love. 1.2 O Dark egret searching for worms, with your love-bird companion! Our

Śrī: Śrīmate rāmāṉujāya nama: Tiruvāymoḻi ēḻām pattu BOOK 7 Seventh Centum-First Decade 1.1 O Lord of countless good, Lord of the three worlds, worshipped by the celestials! You heap miseries on me, through the five senses borne on this body. You are still intent on torturing me, separating me from your lotus feet. O My sweet ambrosia, My father, My

Śrī: Śrīmate rāmāṉujāya nama: Tiruvāymoḻi eṭṭām pattu BOOK 8 Eighth Centum-First Decade 1.1 Your spouses Śrī and Bhū command, and all the celestials serve; the blessed three worlds are your domain, the forms you will are yours. O Gem-Lord with lotus eyes and coral lips that haunt me! O My soul's ambrosia! Lord who churned the ocean! Bless me with

Śrī: Śrīmate rāmāṉujāya nama: Tiruvāymoḻi oṉpatām pattu BOOK 9 Ninth Centum-First Decade 1.1 Wife and children, friends and relatives, have no love save for what they see you have. The Lord who swallowed the eight Quarters, Heaven, Hell and all else, is our only road to freedom, his worship alone is proper 1.2 Friends and relatives gives you their time,

Śrī: Śrīmate rāmāṉujāya nama: Tiruvāy moḻi pattām pattu BOOK 10 Tenth Centum-First Decade 1.1 The Lord of lovely rain-cloud hue with four arms and curly locks, lotus eyes and coral lips, is the only refuge I have, Lotus blossoms profusely in the lakes of fertile Tirumōkūr, where he resides by his sweet will, destroying all the Asuras 1.2 The Lord

Here I continue to publish significant works of Drāviḍa Veda – Divya Prabandham – and this time – it is the work Tiruppāvai in 30 verses by an ancient Tamil saint – Śrī Āṇḍāḷ - the only female saint among the classical 12 Āḻvār saints of Śrī Vaiṣṇavism. The work itself in original Tamil transliterated text and English translation can

*/ Introduction — Part A The opening stanzas 1 — 5 deal with the four fundamental Śrī Vaiṣṇava doctrines, a knowledge of which is an essential prerequisite for spiritual development. These are;— 1. prāpya svarūpam — the nature of the goal of life; 2. prāpaka svarūpam — the means which can directly lead us to the goal; 3. adhikāri svarūpam

*/ Stanza 4 O Great Varuṇa, God of Rain, withhold not anything! Plunge into the sea, fill up, rise with splendour; Assume the dark hue of the Primordial Cause; Blaze with lightning like the Discus in Padmanābha’s hand. Thunder like the conch above His strong shoulder; Pour down your showers in abundance, like arrows from His bow Śārṅga. That we