Śrī Vaiṣṇavism

151. The lovely Yaśodā wished to put thread in Kaṇṇaṉ’s ears, brought emerald earrings and called her child. The chief of Puduvai who is praised by all the world composed twelve poems with Yaśodā’s words. Those who recite those divine twelve anthaadi poems will be devotees of the god Acyuta. 14. Yaśodā calls Kaṇṇaṉ to come and take a bath.

201. Yaśodā, the best among women, called her son to put kaappu on him who stays in auspicious Thiruveḷḷaṛai with Lakshmi the goddess of wealth who lives on a lotus. Viṣṇu-Citta who knows the benefit of learning the Vedas made Yaśodā’s words into poems. The bad karma of devotees who recite even one part of these poems will disappear. 18.

251. I just heard something new to me! You ate the rice, curries and yogurt that the cowherds made and kept for Indra. It seems that you have mixed them up and eaten them all. I’m not good enough to feed you. I’ll never be able to do it. O Vasudeva, your fame is faultless. From now on, I will

301. Will Nandagopa, the father-in-law of my daughter, embrace her and say, “I am proud to have you as my daughter-in-law?” Seeing her lovely fish eyes, red mouth, round breasts, waist and beautiful arms, will he say, “How can the mother who gave birth to one like you be able live apart from her?” 302. Will the family of her

351. The mountain of the dark ocean-coloured god who destroyed Tārakāsura with his craftiness and attracted and married his young daughters is Tirumāliruñcōlai surrounded with beautiful groves where the flowers of blooming punnai, cherundi, punavengai and kongu trees look like golden garlands. 352. The mountain of the matchless god, strong as a bull, who released Aniruddha from Vaṇan's prison and

401. Viṣṇu-Citta, the chief of Villiputtur who has no troubles in his life composed with devotion ten Tamil songs on Puruṣottama, the god who stays in Kaṇḍam where the Ganges flows with flourishing, gurgling water. Those who recite these poems will go to Vaikuṇṭha and stay beneath Tirumāḷ’s feet decorated with anklets. 37. Srirangam, the divine Tirupati 402. Srirangam surrounded

441. You are my friend! You are the god of those who praise you with love. O lord, you took the form of a man-lion. You are the god of the gods in the sky. You measured all the seven worlds. You are the apocalypse. You removed the suffering of the elephant Gajendra when he was caught by a crocodile.

Thirumaḻisai Āḻvār was chronologically the fourth of the 12 Āḻvārs, who has been living right between Peyāḷvar and Nammāḷvār. The name of Thirumaḻisai Āḻvār comes from his birthplace, Thirumaḻisai, a suburb in modern day Chennai. Thiruchanda Virutham presented on the following pages is one of his 2 works, consisting of 120 verses. The name Thiruchanda Virutham can be translated as

Kulaśekhara Āḻvār was born as a prince to Chera king Dhidavrathan and Nādhanāyagi on the same month and nakṣatra as that of Lord Rāma. The child when born looked divine and made everyone happier and cheerful. One night, The Lord wished to divert Kulaśekhara's attention to Him and he appeared as Lord Tirupati Veṅkaṭa in the king's dream and blessed

Kulaśekhara Āḻvār and work Perumāḷ Tirumoḷi. Praising the god and his devotees 1. When will I see my god? 1.1 When will my eyes be blessed to see and enjoy Periya Perumāḷ- Śrī Raṅganātha? When will the day come when my two eyes see the dark god shining like a komalam jewel who sleeps on the beautiful white shining bed