Śrī Vaiṣṇavism

*/ Tuyelizhāi — The Awakening — Part B. Stanzas 6 to 15 describe how the Gopīs who have arisen first go to the houses of those who are still in bed, and awaken them so that they may all go in a group to Kṛṣṇa's mansion and enjoy His companionship under the pretext of celebrating the vow (nonbu). The reasons

*/ Stanza 9 With the lamps blazing in a bejewelled chamber on a soft bed, Fragrant smoke of incense wafting around; you lie asleep. O Cousin! Arise! Open the bolt on the ornate door! Auntie Dear! Won't you awaken her? Is your daughter Dumb or deaf, exhausted or tired? Or has she been bound by a spell of stupor? Let

*/ Stanza 12 Sister of that prosperous cowherd; whose buffaloes yearning for their calves bellow and drip milk. The floor turned into a mire from the flow. Standing here at your door, unmindful of our heads soaked with the morning dew, We sing the praises of the Lord of our hearts, Rama who in wrath slew the king of Lanka,

*/ Stanza 14 Look in your back-yard pools, already the day is dawning, The red lotuses have bloomed and the blue lilies closed. The ascetics in their saffron robes and white teeth, Have gone to their temple to blow their conches. You boasted that you would awaken before us. Shameless braggart, get up, girl, you adroit talker! Let us sing

*/ ATTAINMENT OF THE GOAL — Part C (Pāśurams 16 to 30) Now, we reach the third division of this Prabandham. The next seven verses from 16 to 22, deal with the Gopīs arousing the intimate associates of Kṛṣṇa, like Nandagopa, Yaśodā, Baladeva, and Nappinnai and then Kṛṣṇa Himself. In the two verses 16 & 17 Śrī Āṇḍāḷ reaffirms the

*/ Stanza 18 O Daughter-in-law of Nanda Gopa the owner of many mighty elephants. and who possesses strong shoulders never turned back on the foe. Nappinai! Lady with charming fragrant tresses! Open the door! Listen to the roosters crowing everywhere. Flocks of cuckoos coo incessantly from the bowers of madhavi flowers. You, so expert with the ball, we will chant

*/ Stanza 21 O son of the one who is blessed with countless, generous cows. Showering milk, overflowing jars kept under their udders. O Stable One, Protector of those who come to You for refuge, The effulgent light of the universe, please arise. Like Your routed foes, losing strength and pride, surrendering and seeking refuge at your door; We too

*/ Stanza 24 You measured the earth that day; blessed be Your feet! You went and destroyed Lanka in the south; blessed be Your prowess! With a kick You destroyed the cart-demon; blessed be Your glory! You flung the calf-demon as if from a sling, blessed be Your anklets! You lifted up the mountain like an umbrella; blessed be your

*/ Stanza 26 O Love Incarnate! Sapphire-hued One, if You should ask what we need to observe as of old the Mārgazhi bath, An observance of ancient tradition, It is conches like Your Pañchajanya, milk-white, capable of setting the world atremble with their tumultuous sound. Great big drums, choristers to chant your praises, Decorative lamps, pendants and canopies kindly give

*/ Stanza 28 We follow our cattle and eat in the woods, ignorant folk of the menial cowherd clan. Yet it is our good fortune that You have been born amongst us. O Govinda, immaculate One, the bond we have with You can never be undone by anyone. Unsophisticated milk-maids as we are, out of love have we called You