Śrī Vaiṣṇavism

5. Praising the God of Vitruvakkoṭṭam 5.1 Āḻvār’s unconditional unflinching faith towards the Lord! You are the beloved god of Vitruvakkoṭṭam surrounded with fragrant blooming groves. Do not give me troubles, I have no refuge but you. I am like a crying child who thinks of the love of the mother who gave birth to it even if she goes

8. The story of Rāma in lullaby 8.1 Lullaby to Lord Śrī Rāma... [Raaghavanae! thaalaelO!..] You were born from the beautiful womb of Kauśalyā who is praised by the whole world. You made the crown of the king of Lanka fall. You are the dark jewel who stays in Kaṇṇā puram surrounded by new walls studded with pure gold. You

Thiruchanda Virutham by Thirumaḻisai Āḻvār. Who is God? What is God? What is the nature of God? 1. You are five things—taste, light, touch, sound and smell in earth. You are four things—taste, light, feeling of touch, and sound in water. You are three things—taste, light and heat in fire. You are two things—the touch and the sound of the

Thiruchanda Virutham by Thirumaḻisai Āḻvār. Verses 41-80 41. When you were a cowherd, you loved the cowherd girl Nappinnai who had round bamboo-like arms. O cowherd, who can conquer you? You are the sky and the earth. O Māyā, you are the Māyaṉ who destroys illusions yet you are the one who creates illusions. Is all your magic an illusion?

Thiruchanda Virutham by Thirumaḻisai Āḻvār. Verses 81-120 81. He churned the milky ocean. He lies on the ocean forever. He gave his grace to Vali even though, as Rāma, he killed him. He destroyed the seven trees with one arrow. He stays in Tiruvēṅkaṭam hills. If you worship the god Maal’s feet you will be saved. 82. O god, you

Once, Thondaradipodi Āḻvār left Mandangudi on a pilgrimage and headed towards Srirangam, the foremost among divya deśas. Śrī Raṅganātha captivated his mind in the very first darśan and the Āḻvār who came on a tour remained there in a grove near the temple permanently. He could not bear to go away from the Lord whose beauty and grace he describes

Tirumāḷai by Thondaradipodi Āḻvār Loving the God in Srirangam 1. You, the ancient one, swallowed the three worlds and spit them out. We do not like the feelings that come from the enjoyment of our five senses and we do not sin anymore. The messengers of Yama cannot hurt us now. We are brave because we have learned your names

Only two poetic works of Thirumaḻisai Āḻvār are available for us to study: One is Thiruchanda Virutham with 120 verses and Nāṉmukaṉ Thiruvandhadhi with 96 verses. It is said that Āḻvār threw all the manuscripts of his works into the Cauvery river and these two manuscripts floated against the stream.. Even today one can see the Vrindāvan and a beautiful

Irandam Thiruvandhadhi | Bhutat Āḻvār. If only we recite Nārāyaṇa’s names in a state of pure love born out of inner realisation of His ‘svarūpa’ and ‘vibhūti’, and our relationship with Him, that will surely elevate us to the level of our spiritual kinfolk, the celestial beings of Śrī Vaikuṇṭha, eternally blessed to serve the Lord. They, who are devoted

Govinda appeared in dream to Periyāḻvār: "My dearest Periyāḻvār, Viṣṇucitta! For singing verses of glory and wearing my garlands Godā has earned a special place in my heart. She is my beloved Bhūdevī (Mother-Earth) and only appeared as your daughter and she shall be called Āṇḍāḷ hereafter. Do not try to stop her from wearing the garlands. She should continue