Thiruchanda Virutham | 81-120


Thiruchanda Virutham by Thirumaḻisai Āḻvār.

Verses 81-120


He churned the milky ocean.
He lies on the ocean forever.
He gave his grace to Vali even though, as Rāma, he killed him.
He destroyed the seven trees with one arrow.
He stays in Tiruvēṅkaṭam hills.
If you worship the god Maal’s feet you will be saved.


O god, you are the highest of the high.
You are the incomparable that no one can know.
You slept on the snake bed on the ocean.
They who have destroyed their desires
and they who release themselves
from their attachments to the world
will receive happiness here, there and everywhere in all ways.


O god, you are adorned
with cool Tulasī garlands that drip with pollen.
If someone controls his mind and worships the god
with the eight letter mantra of the god, “Om Namo Nārāyaṇāya,”
the joy he receives is higher than the joy of attaining moksha.


Does the god who carries the discus
want me to be born again?
Does he know the day he made me love his feet
decorated with anklets?
I am ignorant and do not know how to love him.
I am incapable of doing anything.
O dear lord, what did you find in me
to make me your devotee?


O lord, you sleep on the snake bed.
I know your magic.
You know how to make my mind
that is interested in other worldly things
leave them and be devoted to your lotus feet.
You are truly clever.
If you make me fascinated with you,
what kind of fascination is this?
O Mayan, give me your grace
so I am not involved in worldly things.


Dance, dance with your feet.
O god, you dance on the heads of the snake Kālinga
stirring the water in the pond.
You carry the conch in your hand.
I worship your beautiful feet every day
and think of you always.
Why have you not granted me moksha yet, O Kaṇṇā.


All the gods and Shiva who has an eye on his forehead
and the wise Nāṉmukaṉ who stays on the lotus
and the other gods together worship your feet with love.
O lord, you are the Vedas.
I will not speak of any other love
except the love I have for you.


My generous god used Meru mountain
for a churning stick and used the snake Vāsuki for the rope
and churned the milky ocean.
He took the form of a turtle,
took the nectar from the ocean,
and gave it to the gods in the sky,
taking away their troubles.
I will not worship any other god except that generous one.


You became the charioteer for Arjuna,
destroyed the Kaurāvas
and gave the land to the five Pandavas,
sending their enemies to the sky.
The earth was saved from evil people.
I will not worship any other god
except you, the victorious one.


I was not born in one of the four Varṇas.
I have not learned any of the good arts
and do not recite the Vedas with my tongue.
I have not conquered the joy given by the senses.
O pure one, I have no good knowledge
and I have no refuge except your shining feet.


You burned countless Rākṣasas in Lanka
for the sake of Sita who has sharp sword-like eyes
and whose soft words are like music.
I have no eyes except yours that make me see.
I have no relatives to be with except you.
You have endless magic.
How can I ever take you from my heart?


You are the cowherd who destroyed the seven bulls
and embraced the arms of Nappinnai and married her
whose spear-like eyes attracted all.
You created the oceans, you churned the milky ocean
and you sleep on it.
I come to you as my refuge.
Give me refuge, tell me, “Don’t be afraid!”


You are the god of Srirangam,
decorated with a cool Tulasī garland that swarms with bees.
You give your grace to those who love and worship your feet.
You are like a sweet bundle of sugarcane.
You are Kaṇṇaṉ who sleeps on the ocean.
You are Rāma who shot his strong arrows with his bow
and destroyed the iron forts of Lanka.


You are the life in our bodies.
You are our sleep and our feelings.
You are the five things given by the cow.
You are the purity in all.
You are the sky and the earth.
You are the rich ocean and the things in it.
There is nothing without you.
You are our god and you are Rāma.


I have destroyed the desires that come from the evil senses.
I have cut off all the relations that I had with others.
I come to you to serve you.
Even if you want me to have desire
and enjoy the pleasures of the five senses,
my only desire is to be with you.
I have no eyes except you,
O my king who sleeps on the ocean.


You do endless magic.
Even if all the true seven worlds were to praise you
for all the seven yugas, it would not be enough.
You are the god worthy of limitless praise.
O Pundariga! Please give me a boon
so I may escape from all my endless births
and come to your feet that are adorned with anklets.


In your beautiful hands you carry
the discus, conch, club, bow and sword.
O lord! Lakshmi who is seated on a red lotus
stays on your chest.
Give me your grace so that I will be saved
from the births that give me sickness and sorrow.
Show me a way to come to you.


I have left all the bad acts that I was committing.
I have no cunning or fault.
I have none of the desires that the five senses give.
I am a dog and my only desire is to be with you.
O Māyaṉ, give me the boon
of not being born and dying anymore
and I will not forget you.


You are the beloved of Nappinnai.
You have the colour of the kayam flower.
My soul is tied to you.
I hear that the messengers of Yama
encourage people to be involved in cruel sins.
I locked you up in my heart with Nappinnai
and you save me from committing those sins.


You are Māyaṉ whom no one can reach easily.
You save even bad people who, forgetting all good deeds,
think that they are wise
and do not understand that births
will give them suffering in this world.
Give me your grace and make me your devotee
so I may worship your feet through devotion for you always.


I want to ask you one thing.
You have the colour of the ocean.
If I worship you
and always want to think of you in my mind,
won’t you also think that you will give me your grace
to keep your lotus feet in my heart forever?


O Māyaṉ, you sleep on the ocean whose water seethes.
My love for you is limitless
and I worship your shining lotus feet in my heart
so that they will take away all my troubles.
You are the victorious hero who took the form of a boar.
You are the great one who carried Govardhana mountain
and saved the cows by sheltering them from the storm.
O lord, tell me how I cannot be born and suffer in this world.


O god, the beautiful Lakshmi stays on your chest.
You are the god of gods.
You are the faultless one
and the god of justice that the Vedas proclaim.
You have the dark body of a cloud.
Give me your grace
so I may recite your names without ever ceasing.


O Māyaṉ, your strong arm carries many weapons.
You cut off the heads of the Asuras Vakkaran, Karan and Muran
when they came in anger to fight you.
Give me your grace so I may always worship your feet
adorned with golden anklets
whether I am sleeping, standing or walking.


You swallowed the earth.
You begged for land and took it away from Mahābali,
measuring it till there was no place you had not taken.
O lord, you have lotus eyes!
You embrace the woman whose sweet words surpass music.
There is no other colour like your colour.


O god, you carry a conch, club, bow and a sword.
You carry the discus that cut off the head of Yama
when he came angrily to fight with you.
You carried Govardhana mountain to save the cows
when the storm came to destroy the cowherd village.
My heart loves nothing except your fame
that is spread everywhere.


You destroyed the angry king of Kaśi,
Vakkaran, Pavuṇḍrahan, the furious Maliman,
Sumali, Keśi and Thenugan.
I will not give my love and affection to anyone
except to your anklet-adorned feet.


Even if I received faultless boons
and could go to the world of Nāṉmukaṉ
filled with abundant and indestructible wealth
or the world of Shiva
who has the great power of destroying the world
or the world of Indra who has a thousand eyes,
even if I could have all the pleasures of moksha,
I would not accept or think of anything
except to be with you.


You became a dwarf
even though no one shrank you to become short.
You became tall even though no one made you tall
so that you could touch the sky.
All the sages who recite the Vedas
praise you and say that you are the god of gods
who destroys the evil of the proud
and I join them in praising you.


You are the pure one decorated
with a cool Tulasī garland that swarms with bees.
O Māyaṉ! I, a dog, bow to you and worship you.
You have the colour of the ocean
and you sleep on the water of the ocean.
You enter into the thoughts of your devotees.
Forgive all my faults and give me your grace.


You are the lord of the world.
Sages say that even they who slander you like Śiśupāla
and they who fight with you like Rāvaṇa in Lanka
have reached your world and joined with you by your grace.
You are Māyaṉ.
Take the mistakes that I, who am as low as a dog,
do as good deeds and forgive me.


O my heart, time will pass.
We will all get sick and become old
and the time of death will approach.
Bow to the divine feet of the god and worship him.
You should know that being a devotee of the god
is the only good thing.
The only thing that give you the joy of not being born again
is the feet of Maal.


Nāṉmukaṉ cursed dark-necked Shiva
on whose jaṭa the Ganges flows
and Nāṉmukaṉ’s head stuck on Shiva’s palm.
Our god whose chest is decorated with a fragrant garland
gave his blood and made Nāṉmukaṉ’s head
that was stuck to Shiva’s palm fall away.
O heart! Think of the god’s Tulasī garland and worship him
so that you will reach his Vaikuṇṭha.


O heart, if you want to remove the eight bad thoughts
and live without fault and reach moksha and rule the world,
you must think and worship the feet of the god, our father,
who is wisdom, the sun, and the world,
who took the form of a single-tusked boar
and split the earth.
(Eight things: avidya, action, smell, taste, desires of the world
and worrying about oneself, others and the gods.)


He is our father.
He is our mother.
He is the lord who rules us.
He destroys all our births.
He makes us his devotees and gives us his grace.
O poor heart! He is the ancient one.
He is Mukuṇḍa.
If we worship him he will enter into us, stay there
and remove our ocean of sorrow.


When Rāvaṇa with a sword opposed Rāma in Lanka,
Rāma went to Lanka, burnt it, killed Rāvaṇa
and took over Lanka.
My god does not think I am like his enemies.
Yama will not think of the sins
I have done and afflict me
because I am a devotee of the god.


He will take you to heaven
removing your fears, sickness, old age
and all your births.
He fulfils his promises.
He is Acyuta and Ānanda.
He has no beginning or end.
He sleeps on the snake bed.
He is praised by the Vedas.


O lord, you are the beloved of Lakshmi
who stays on a fresh lotus.
I worshipped you with my words and in my deeds
and loved you unceasingly,
night and day, evening and morning.
My heart worshipped your lotus feet
and it will stay with you
and never come back to me.


You are the god who has the colour of a kaya flower.
You stay in Srirangam surrounded by the Ponni river.
O Mayan, listen.
My heart had abandoned my bad karma,
worships your shining flower-like feet
and remains there never becoming tired.


You took away all my future births
and saved me today.
You the cloud-coloured one came to me,
entered my heart and bewitched me.
You are everlasting bright light.
My soul is released from all pain
and has reached moksha, the house of joy.