Tiruvāymoḷi of Nammāḷvār | Book 9


Śrīmate rāmāṉujāya nama:
Tiruvāymoḻi oṉpatām pattu


Ninth Centum-First Decade


Wife and children, friends and relatives,
have no love save for what they see you have. 
The Lord who swallowed the eight Quarters, Heaven, Hell and all else,
is our only road to freedom, his worship alone is proper


Friends and relatives gives you their time,
but sup your wealth like leeches till it lasts. 
Seek the prince who shot an arrow through seven trees,
he is an oasis of freedom. 
Other than him there is no way, this is certain


Seeing you walk in affluence, they will come forward to wish you. 
Seeing you in poverty, not one will ask what happened. 
The Lord was born in Mathura to destroy wicked Asura,
Love and serve him other than him there is really no refuge


Those who are placed as trustees of your wealth,
will behave like petty moneylenders in bad days,
-what use, need we dilate on this? 
The only wisdom there is lies in praising the Lord of Mathura, 
He is our hope and refuge


Those who enjoyed sweet union with pampered parrot-like- dames
will also experience something else later, 
The Lord of Mathura destroyed many frightening Asuras,
So wait on for his servitude, that is the only joy there is


There is no joy, that is certain, Alas, not realising this,
how many men have come and passed away in vain since yore! 
In short, praise the Lord who took birth in the ancient Mathura city,
other than this there is nothing



A life time spent in worshipping the feet of Krishna is good. 
Alas, there could be nothing greater than singing his praise. 
The Lord was born in Northern Mathura city
to protect us pure-hearted devotees, who desire him alone


Those who pursue limited ends as if the infinite is not,
-they only waste away their lives, alas!
–like widening their ear-bore and losing their ear ring!
So take refuge in the pennon-mansioned Mathura city's Lord


There is no refuge other than Krishna,
It is certain, to prove if he took birth in Mathura and rid the world of its burden. 
If you consider anything as yours.  Sacrifice it to him. 
Have no doubt, devotees, all is by his grace


This decade of the faultless thousand songs by Kurukūr Caṭakōpaṉ
who took refuge of the feet of garland –chested Krishna,
-those who can sing it will be our eternal masters!


O Lord reclining in Tirupuḷiṅkuṭi surrounded by surging Porunal waters,
Pray look at us with your lotus eyes, and part your silent lips. 
From the days of yore, through your grace and the lotus-lady's grace,
we have thronged your temple and served you in many ways as bonded serfs


O Lord reclining in Tirupuḷiṅkuṭi surrounded by golden walls and fertile fields! 
Through generations as bonded serfs, we have served your golden feet,
never transgressing the limits of your holy domain. 
May your lotus feet-that-measured-the-Earth decorate our heads one day


O Lord reclining in Tirupuḷiṅkuṭi! 
May the three worlds gather and worship you,
You lie sleeping day after day, -how long!, - till your body sores. 
O Lord, hear your bonded serf of unbroken service petition to you;
Pray open your lotus eyes and wake, and be seated with your dame Lakshmi


Reclining in Tirupuḷiṅkuṭi, seated in Varakuṇamaṅkai, and standing in Vaikuṇṭha,
you enter my heart and clear my thoughts, Lord such is your grace! 
May the three worlds also see you, and may we shout and dance in joy. 
Pray come and show your cloud-hue form, and let your coral lips redden!


O Lord reclining in Tirupuḷiṅkuṭi in cool waters where conch and corals abound! 
Pray come and stand before me, your coral lips reddening,
flashing a smile of dazzling pearls, your lotus eyes half closing!
Did you not come riding the Garuda-bird to save the leg-bitten elephant?


O Lord in the happy fields of Tirupuḷiṅkuṭi, Kalsinivenda, -terribly angry monarch,
-like a dark cloud on a golden peak you come riding the angry bird,
stood and fought a fierce battle and killed Mali and surmali.
With your conch and other terrible weapons, you do end our woes!


O! Lord reclining in cool Tirupuḷiṅkuṭi waters amid fire-like lotus blooms! 
O Lord of celestials too, you destroy our woes and rule us. 
Come and site before us one day, -that we may rejoice and express our hearts,
that your devotees may enjoy the commotion, that this foolish world may also be witness


O Lord of moon-touching-mansions-Tirupuḷiṅkuṭi! Lord of Śrī Vaikuṇṭha! 
May the whole world rise and worship your feet, vying with one another,
to praise with all the love in their hearts and power in their speech! 
Come before our eyes one day, choose a niche and sit with us


O Lord of Tirupuḷiṅkuṭi where fish dance in golden paddy fields,
choose a niche and sit here too, praised by all the worlds,
that we devotees may hover like bees
and sip the nectar of your fresh blossom face. 
O Lord who routed Asuras by the score, wielding many fierce weapons!


O Lord of happy-fields Tirupuḷiṅkuṭi,
my ambrosia who destroys terrible Asuras! 
Lord wielding many fierce weapons. 
Lord who destroyed the gods' woes. 
The peerless lotus-dame Lakshmi and Earth Dame press your lotus feet, 
That I too may press your feet, come to me or call me unto yourself!


This decade of the sweet songs
by gushing Porunal's Vaḻuti-land-Caṭakōpaṉ
addressing the Lord who churned the ocean,
asking him to come to him or call to himself,
-those who master it will secure the feet of the Lord


The peerless Lord protector of the seven worlds
in a thousand ways, has a thousand names. 
The Lord of dark rain-cloud hue, he is our own Lord Nārāyaṇa


He made the wide Earth and lifted it.
He swallowed it, remade it and measured it,  
The 'he' Brahma, the 'he', Indra and the 'he', Śiva, are also him.  
He is all else too, we know this


The Vedic texts have revealed Hari as the substance of consciousness. 
O Thinking men, worship him as the cure for all ills


Extolled by hordes of celestials as the Soma of their bliss,
the dark Krishna is our liberation, Note, O Heart, so never leave him

The Lord of fragrant Tulasī garland is one without a second,
experience him, I beg of you, O Heart, pray take heed; Never let him leave you


Joy is the lotus-dame's embrace,
hard is the constant war with Asura.
Churning is the Ocean's ambrosia. 
Breaking is my heart united with him


My heart hankers night and day
for one Vision of Vaikuṇṭha where the Lord dwells. 
He tore the wide chest of the Asura with his nails


Destroying pairs of opposites, he gives liberation from rebirth;
he resides in Vēṅkaṭam where gods worship him


O Lord of glory on serpent couch! 
Worshipping you with flowers, water, lamp and incense is superfluous. 
Alas, I know not how to serve you feet


Brahma sits on your lotus-navel.  Śiva occupies your right side,
Celestials stand around you and worship.  Can I ever praise you fully?


This decade of the thousand songs
by fair Kurukūr's Caṭakōpaṉ on the Lord of great virtues
will secure high Vaikuṇṭha


Lord who sports the dame with dark eyes on his chest,
Lord of conch and discus! My eyes pine to see you


Lord, desirous of seeing you,
my heart speaks countless thoughts,
I call, "I shall not let you go"
Alas, he evades even the gods and sages!


Like a lowly dog that wags, its fall,
I call, with my heart melting.
Then you protected herds with a hill
I fear your grace has missed me


Lord confounding the gods and Asuras, you came as Narasimha
Fittingly I have surrendered myself, but fear for what lies ahead


The Lord of gods came as a lion. 
He made Brahma too. 
He reclines on a hooded serpent, 
My heart seeks his feet


Longing to see you, I contemplate your form. 
Peerless Lord of Vaikuṇṭha!  My heart rejoices in you


O Lord who came as Narasimha and tore apart the wide chest, 
You live in the core of my hear.  My heart rejoices in you


I have seen my Krishna Lord, -he stands beyond the six schools. 
The subtle cause of all the world, he is the womb of even the gods!


I see the Lord before myself;
My heart has sung his songs delightful to devotees! 
My Karmic bonds are broken


The Lord who bears the Garuda banner
keeps me as his servant. 
His feet once strode the Earth and all,
what a wonder, I have found him!


This decade of the thousand songs
by Kurukūr Caṭakōpaṉ of fertile fields
sung for the Lord who killed the rutted elephant
grants the Lord himself, -the soul of the gods


O Lady Cuckoo! What have you against me? 
Must you and your mate come here to coo sweetly?
Alas, you do not call my Krishna to come,
need you try so hard to take my life?


O Lady heron!  How melancholically you and your mate converse! 
You need not have tried so hard.
Alas, the trickster, Govinda is no true lover, that is it. 
Now my life is already in his hands


O Lady herons!  My life is in your hands,
need you go around me with your coquettish walks and jibes? 
This sinner-self has done no penance to service;
Alas, how can I hear your piteous calls and live?


O Peahen-and peacock!  The trickster Krishna does not heed your calls,
pray do not take to the upper register. 
My heart and speech and deeds are all these with him,
my soul and body flounder somewhere between!


O My perching Mynas!  Do not cajole!
I have nothing to do with you anymore. 
The Lord of Śrī then took the Earth by trick;
he has planned to rob my life as well


O Puerile parrot!  I have brought you up well. 
Now do not start your sweet prattle.
Your beak and feathers take my mind to my Lord  again.
He enjoyed union with me then, and deserted me!


O Dark lightning-clouds! You remind me of Krishna,
He enjoyed my company, and then deserted me. 
Pray do not show his lotus eyes, lips and his dark hue;
your form is like death to my soul


O Foolish Kōels! I pleaded with you not to sing my Krishna's names. 
Alas, you have killed me,
I gave you cruds and rice and sweet pudding, and taught you to speak.
O Benevolent birds! Good reward for my labours


O Bumble-bees!  Do not hum, your music drills into my wound. 
My Lord Krishna of dark hue, with large eyes
like a lotus blossom in a large lake,
comes only to rob me of my life


O Good water-egrets! I desired union with the Vaikuṇṭha Lord knowingly. 
This jewel body has learnt to slip away bit by bit. 
Now what use flocking around me? 
May joy descend and reign everywhere!


This decade of the thousand songs by Kurukūr Caṭakōpaṉ
blest to sing in sing, the praise of the Lord
who reigns in joy everywhere,
will melt the hearts of all


My heart melts, more than I can bear. 
My love surges when I recall his wonders. 
Alas, what can I a mere servant, do?
He lives in Tirukkāṭkarai where lotus blooms abound in streets


In every thought and every world, my heart fails. 
Even when I sing your praise, my soul melts. 
My Lord and Father living in lake-abounding Tirukkāṭkarai!
I cannot think of how I am to serve you


Through goodness he deceived my heart and entered it.
Then he became my soul, hurt me and took my life. 
My dark hued Lord and father lives in Tirukkāṭkarai,
I do not understand his deceits


The Lord who contains all the worlds is contained in them, 
I cannot understand how the Tirukkāṭkarai Lord
fancied such a lowly soul as mine!


Pretending to shower grace he entered into me,
and in a trice he swallowed me, body and soul. 
Oh, the tricks of dark hued Lord Krishna plays! 
He lives in fertile groves of Tirukkāṭkarai


My Krishna's tricks appear to me as truths. 
This chaff of my soul which he sucked and threw aside
wakes up to reality, then weeps day and night,
"My Krishna, my Krishna" and worships him at Tirukkāṭkarai

Worshipping my Krishna at Tirukkāṭkarai,
my love-sickness grows; I think and then weep. 
He came and took me lovingly into his service. 
But my soul diminishes day by day, alas!


He came not to take my service, but to eat my soul!
Day by day, bit by bit, he eats my all. 
My rain cloud Lord at Tirukkāṭkarai,
-was he interested in service? 
His attention was on my soul!


My dark hued Lord at Tirukkāṭkarai
has lotus eyes and coral lips, four arms and a godly radiance. 
Which other soul does he torture like he does mine?

I thought, "If ever I see him I will gobble him",
but before I could, he deceived me and hastily drank my all. 
My dark Lord of Tirukkāṭkarai is smart!


This decade of the thousand songs
by Caṭakōpaṉ of lvy-walled Kurukūr
on the Lord who killed Kaṁsa
will destroy the mirage of the world, just see!


O Good egret searching for worm in my garden mire! 
Go to Tirumūḻikkaḷam as my messenger,
to my pot-dancer Lord who wears the fragrant Tulasī;
then you and all your kin may place your feet on my head


O Lovebird herons flocking with your mates and kin!
I am spurned by him and scorned by me kin.
What use living?
Go ask my Lord who lives in Tirumūḻikkaḷam with his retinue;
are we not fit for his company?


O Flocking storks and herons searching for worms in my lake!
The Lord resides in cool Tirumūḻikkaḷam, 
His limbs and eyes are like lotus flowers, his dark hue is like the leaves. 
Go ask him; are we not fit for his company


O Beautiful clouds blowing towards prosperous Tirumūḻikkaḷam!
Go as messengers to my beautiful Lord,
and ask him to show himself to this wicked self.
Why, would he strip you of your lustre and drive you away from his sky?


O Radiant clouds spinning in the sky with a fiery lightning hoop! 
The heart of this wicked self is the Vaikuṇṭha
of the radiant Lord who resides in Tirumūḻikkaḷam,
Convey this to my Lord, whose coiffure drips with nectar


O Sweet-lipped bumble-bees!  Go as my messengers to the Lord
who keeps his dame on his chest, in Tirumūḻikkaḷam
surrounded by nectar-dripping flower groves. 
Repeat my words, "Radiant jewels and silk clothes", to him


O Forest hens!  The infamous Lord of lotus eyes and coal lips
who left my ill-fated arms and took my silk and jewels with him
resides in Tirumūḻikkaḷam,  See him one day
and speak a good word in my behalf


O Bumble bees and beetles hovering over large flowers! 
Speak in my favour to the Lord, your words are sweet to the heart.  
He resides in the hue of kaya flowers, and wears Tulasī blossoms


O Tender water-egret!  The Lord wears a Tulasī crown
and wields a golden discus in Tirumūḻikkaḷam,
My jewel-worthy breasts have paled, tears flood my lotus eyes. 
Tell him that his keeping away from me is just not right


O Soft-gaited swan-pair feeding my lake! 
You enjoy amorous company; my Lord is in Tirumūḻikkaḷam. 
My body has become thin, my waistband has slipped,
my life is departing.  Go tell him, this is not right


This decade of the thousand songs
by prosperous Kurukūr's Caṭakōpaṉ
praising with sweet parrot-like words
the radiant Lord of Tirumūḻikkaḷam, will cure sickness


For those who keep him in their hearts, and contemplate on him,
the Lord in Tirunāvāy effaces karmas. 
Alas!  How can I reach him?


The Lord in Tirunāvāy is spouse
of lotus-dame Lakshmi, and Vel-eyed slender Nappinnai. 
Oh! When will I attain him?


I weep with thoughts of nothing except
when I will reach him in Tirunāvāy
where he resides in good company perfectly


O Lord of Vel-eyed Nappinnai in Tirunāvāy amid groves!
I know not how long I must stay here doing deeds of no return


The spouse of lotus-dame and Earth Dame,
door as eyes to the gods and men has made his home in Tirunāvāy. 
O, when will these eyes feast on him?


My Lord! King of the cowherd-clan, now living in Tirunāvāy! 
O When will my eyes see you here and rejoice in pure love?


You took the Earth, from Bali king. 
O Tirumāl, Lord of the gods, my friend living in Tirunāvāy!
Take me as your servant


O Lord of Tirunāvāy in my heart, dispelling all my doubts! 
Make me worthy of your feet or else forsake me, -your servant


The Lord of Tirunāvāy, by his will,
is eternally invisible to gods and to sages,
Now who can be with him?


My heart is disturbed with thought of impending union. 
Alas, I call my gem-hued Lord who lives in fragrant Tirunāvāy


This decade of the thousand wisdom-based songs,
by walled Kurukūr's Caṭakōpaṉ
on the lord Tirunāvāy residing amid painted mansions,
-those who master it will rule Earth and exude the fragrance of Jasmine


Alas, the jasmine-wafting breeze,
the beautiful kurinji strains on the Yai,
the setting Sun and the beautiful red clouds in the horizon all do kill me.
The Lord of lotus eyes, our lion of the cowherd clan has forsaken us. 
We know not where to go from here taking these breasts and arms that he enjoyed


Alas this forlorn self has no place to go,
to escape from the breeze and the reed-flute, 
the evening Sun, the Sandal fragrance,
the Mullai flowers and the Panchama Pann. 
The Lord who made, lifted and measured the Earth struck death to lifted,
and measured the Earth struck death to the Asuras,
Alas, Gopāla, my protector does not come; how now shall I hold on to my life


O, the wicked rogue, that youthful lion, our Lord does not come, alas! 
He enjoyed out supple breasts and swaying hips in consummate union,
then cast us aside and left, how now shall I hold on to my life?  Alas! 
His lotus eyes, red lips and dark tresses remain to torment my sinful heart


Alas! A great big beetle came on Garuda-wings,
fed on this flower's femininity and left. 
Now the cool breeze blows hot and scorches my sinful heart. 
Even the cool Moon so desirable, and the soft bed of flowers feel hot. 
Alas, even my heart is no companion; more than this I cannot bear!


My heart is no companion, how now can I save my life? 
Dusk has set in.  The cows are returning,
our cowherd's flute-melody hurts us sweetly! 
Alas, he has heart at stone. 
My trusted companions are dying before me, and the time for his grace is far


O Ladies!  The time for his grace is far, other than him I seek none.
Alas! My life may not stay on that long, for dusk has come but not my heart. 
My Lord with Brahma, Śiva and Lakshmi on his side dries my soul. 
Now where to go and what to do? What can I say and how


O Ladies! To whom can I say this?
Alas, my heart remains with the thief!
The overpowering cool breeze softly kills the soul,
armed with the fragrance of bright incense,
cool sandal paste, and fresh jasmine flowers, 
it comes blowing over me, with the strains of Panchama on the yar-harp


The cool fragrant breeze, and the fading red clouds
are more wicked than that Krishna who played tricks on me and left.
Now the sweet Panchama he plays on his flute for the Gopis
in his favour with honey-jasmine garlands
and cool Sandal paste, is more than I can bear


The flute melody he plays to the Gopis is alone enough to kill me. 
His beautiful red eyes, darling messages between the words of his song,
then making a sad face and pretending to be hurt, -alas, alas! 
These are more than I can bear, evening has come, but not my Lord


Evening has come, but no my Lord, now how can I live? Oh, alas! 
Cow bells are jingling, flute melodies are floating in the air,
bumble bees have drunk deep from the Mullai, Jasmine and Karumukai flowers,
The ocean rents the air with its roaring waves, alas, alas!


This decade of the thousand sweet songs
on the Lord who swallowed the Earth,
by Kurukūr city's Māṟaṉ Caṭakōpaṉ,
desolate on separation from the Lord
 recalls the wall of a Gopī separated from the Lord at dusk. 
Devotees, sing this well as worship and rule the Earth


End your despair, rise and worship the Lord,
offering lotus flowers at his feet morning and evening;
the Lord who slept on a fig leaf in the deluge,
lives in Tirukkaṇṇapuram washed by the sea


Strew nectar flowers and worship him every day. 
O, Devotees, keep him in your heart always. 
The Lord resides in Tirukkaṇṇapuram where walls touch the sky,
beside fertile fields and tanks filled with crabs


O Devotees, gather and offer worship with fresh unfading flowers. 
The Lord resides in Tirukkaṇṇapuram with bee-humming groves. 
He shall end your despairs individually


Worship with fresh honeyed blossoms the spouse of Dame Nappinnai,
in Tirukkaṇṇapuram where walls touch the sky. 
He who resides there willingly, shall grant us refuge


To all those who seek him, he gives refuge
here and Vaikuṇṭha upon death, 
He lives for the love of devotees
in Tirukkaṇṇapuram with high walls.


He is a friend to all who seek his feet. 
He resides in the gold walled city of Tirukkaṇṇapuram.
He tore the radiant chest of Hiraṇya. 
He is the abiding friend of seekers


He is true to those who seek him with love
and false to those who worship him outwardly. 
In Tirukkaṇṇapuram surrounded by fields with fish,
he is close to those who keep him in their hearts


He is close to those who seek his feet. 
 He tries them from birth and death,
so worship every day the feet of the Lord
in Tirukkaṇṇapuram with jewelled walls


Worship him and be rid of diseases.
Our karmas will not bind us, so what do we lose? 
Vedic seers prefer the Lord in Tirukkaṇṇapuram.
Those who attain him have no despair


I have no despair, now what do I lack?
The lotus-dame Lakshmi sits on his chest
in Tirukkaṇṇapuram surrounded by jewelled walls.
Praise him and never let despair come near you


O People who seek liberation from Karmic despair!  
Sing and dance this decade of thousand songs
by high-mansioned Kurukūr's Caṭakōpaṉ
and worship the feet of the Lord of Tirukkaṇṇapuram