Tiruvāymoḷi of Nammāḷvār | Book 10


Śrīmate rāmāṉujāya nama:
Tiruvāy moḻi pattām pattu


Tenth Centum-First Decade


The Lord of lovely rain-cloud hue
with four arms and curly locks, lotus eyes and coral lips,
is the only refuge I have,
Lotus blossoms profusely in the lakes of fertile Tirumōkūr,
where he resides by his sweet will, destroying all the Asuras


The Lord in Tirumōkūr, where good Vedic seers live,
has a thousand names and wears a good Tulasī garland crown. 
I have no refuge other than him through every birth,
In the shade of his lotus feet is a lake of all goodness



Devotees, come let us go and offer worship of Tirumōkūr,
to the Lord who sleeps in the Milky Ocean on a hooded serpent,
Gods and sages constantly approach him with their praise
and worship him for all their needs and seek his protection


Come devotees, let us go around the temple dear to use. 
Sugarcane and paddy grow ripe and fall in fields, in Tirumōkūr where he resides. 
He is the first-cause of all. 
Come then, let us dance in joy, for the measured the Earth!


Gopāla the pot-dancer is deadly to the Asuras and sweet to us,
- his devotees, gods and seers as well. 
Cool and fertile groves and fields extend all around Tirumōkūr.
Other than the lotus feet of our Āttaṉ we have no refuge


We have no other refuge. 
He made the wide and cool expanse then filling it with water,
made the gods and ancient seers;
then made the worlds and went to live in happy Tirumōkūr. 
If we go around him once, our woes will run away


O Devotees!   Woes will run away, come quick and worship. 
The Lord of thousand names is also a lake of compassion. 
He resides in Tirumōkūr with lakes and lovely groves. 
He was born as Daśaratha’s son Rāma to destroy Lanka


The lovely lake-and-grove Tirumōkūr is now close of hand. 
Here resides the warrior Lord with four arms that overpower Asuras. 
We have attained our fortress, 
The Lord with lake-like feet, lotus eyes and coral lips!


Good celestials, -fearing the wicked Asuras, -seek the Lord
who takes the desired form in which you see him, and protects you.  
The Lord in Tirumōkūr is our fortress forever. 
O People, come then, let us praise his names in joy!


This decade of the thousand songs by Kurukūr Caṭakōpaṉ,
on the Lord of Tirumōkūr, the pot-dancer Lord,
-those who can worship him and sing of him in joy
will end their miseries, this is certain.


All our obstacles will vanish on uttering the name Keśava;
the wicked Yama's messengers too shall not come near,
So let us go anon to Aṉantapura-nāgara, Surrounded by happy fields,
where the Lord reclines on his venomous serpent couch


If we go now, despair will not brother us for seven lives,
Mansions rise like mountains,
the flowers of kurundu, serundi and punnai trees
spread their fragrance in Aṉantapura-nāgara,
the celestial city for those who take his one name of the thousand


The Lord who swallowed and remade the Universe
reclines in cool Aṉantapura-nāgara, with his mount Garuḍa on his banner. 
If you firmly join him there, all your woes will vanish. 
So just recite his one name, from among the thousand


Speak without fear, he befriends all
and reclines there in Aṉantapura-nāgara,
surrounded by fragrant bowers and fields. 
By the side of the ocean, they worship him there,
with flowers and proper method, O, How fortunate they are!


Those who seek the Lord's feet in fragrant Aṉantapura-nāgara,
and worship him with holy water and fresh flowers and contemplate on his name,
will end this life and become celestial. 
We know and say this with certainty


The Lord reclining in Aṉantapura-nāgara, is the Lord of the celestials,
whom the first among them, -Viṣvaksena, -worships, and the other follow. 
O My people, listen to me, we too must go and join them,
He is Govinda, who ended the woes of Subrāmaṇya’s father


Our great Lord Govinda is also the destroyer
and creator of the worlds, souls, gods and all else. 
He reclines in Aṉantapura-nāgara, by fertile fields and fish-jumping waters. 
Even sweeping the yard there will undo all our karmas


The beautiful radiant Aṉantapura-nāgara, they say,
is adopted by the father of karma himself, to undo our karmas. 
Get set to see the Lord's feet reclining on the hooded couch. 
O Devotees among us, this is my last call


My period of notice too has ended, just see! 
The fragrant grooved Aṉantapura-nāgara, is full of auspicious signs,
with freshly culled fragrant flowers and incense, worship Vāmana's feet,
your woes will end without a trace


All our woes will themselves vanish when we utter 'Mādhava',
The Lord resides in golden-walled Aṉantapura-nāgara.
Those who worship him with Sandal paste, lamp, incense and fresh lotus petals,
will attain eternal glory


This decade of the thousand song by Kurukūr Caṭakōpaṉ
on the Lord of eternal glory of Aṉantapura-nāgara,
will secure the embrace of the slender bamboo-like arms
of well ornamented women in the celestial world


Oh, my slender bamboo-like arms droop, as the love-bird Kōels call! 
Oh, these flocking peacocks dance, heedless of my loneliness! 
Oh, Krishna! You took your cows to graze, you are heartless, alas! 
You kill us with your lotus eyes.  The day stretches into eternity


Every time you held my firm breasts, a flood of joy swelled,
swept my mind and broke the sky, then left me like a dream, alas! 
Desire has seeped into my every pore, more than I can bear. 
O Krishna, you are heartless, you leave us and go after your cows, alas!


My hot breath is drying my soul.  Alas! I shall die with no companions! 
Oh, I may not live to see the dalliance of your dark frame again. 
Tears do not stop from these fish-eyes, the day does not pass.
Curve our lowly birth as cowherd-girls, this solitude must die.


O Govinda, you do not think of our pangs of loneliness, alas! 
You desire only your cows, you leave us aside and go after them,
You false words are like sweet poison running from your ripe berry-lips,
They have penetrated my every pore, and kill me every time I recall!


O Krishna, you spend all day grazing your cows.  Your apologies kill me, alas! 
The inebriate evening conies waffling the fragrance of unfolding Jasmine. 
Come, make our breasts fragrant with the Mullai flowers on your chest! 
Give us your lips!  Place your jewel hand on this lowly head, alas!


O Krishna, give me quick your jewel hand! Alas, my femininity cannot bear!
In the midst of that act, other damsels will grab your feet! 
Alas, your grazing cows is a shattering blow that dries my soul. 
Tears do not stop from these eyes, my heart does not stop too.


Our heart melts like wax in fire, our belt has loosened. 
Out clear eyes form pearly tears, our breasts have paled, our shoulders droop. 
O Gem-hued Lord, you walk hurting your lotus-soft feet, grazing lovely cows!
What if Asuras fell upon you there?


O, My heart sinks! Pray do not go, what if Asuras fell upon you?
Wetness and desire swell inside me for union, O Krishna, do not slip away!
Displaying your bewitching lotus eyes, lips and hands and yellow robes,
pray enjoy sweet union with these other young cowherd-girls of shrivelled hips also!


Every time you enjoy sweet union with good cowherd-girls
and overcome your misery, Our femininity rises uncontrolled. 
We enjoy it even more, alas!  Pray do not go after your cows. 
Hordes of Asuras are sent by Kamsa,
if you get caught, atrocities may happen,  take heed, alas, oh!


Wicked Asuras sent by Kamsa roam and disturb the Rishis, take heed,
Oh!  You like to go alone; you do not care for Balarāma or his company.
Alas, my feelings scorch my soul. 
O My Krishna, our cowherd Lord of coral lips,
you prefer grazing cows to even Vaikuṇṭha!


This decade of the thousand songs by Porunal's Kurukūr Caṭakōpaṉ addresses the cowherd-Lord coral lips, spouse of Śrī, with the words of a young Gopī pleading with him not to go grazing his cows.  Those who can sing it will attain the benefit that she attained


Dāmodara’s feet are the means to devotion. 
The dark-hued discus-Lord of lotus eyes
stands as water, Earth, Sky, Fire and Air. 
His glory is sung by the great celestials


Lord glorious even to the heavenly celestials,
hard to see for those who do not love him,
Lord of lotus eyes with Śrī-dame on his chest,
-he rules forever beyond pairs-of-opposites


This Discus-Lord rules us, now who can bring us harm? 
We have overcome the pains of rebirth, never to return,
I have seen and placed on my head,
the fish-eyed Dame Nappinnai's spouse


The Lord who slept on a fig leaf stands on hills
worshipped by the celestials, and in my heart,
His feet are on my head. 
He is inseparable from me, I am convinced


He cannot leave my heart, I am convinced. 
The discus Lord is full of mischief in him. 
He makes false hood appear near to those who do not see him.
For us who love him dearly, he appears reclining


The serpent-couch Lord graces of who meditate on him. 
The mat-haired Śiva, with his crescent moon occupies a part of him,
I worship the Lord in my heart


O Heart! Worship the greatest good.
Diseases will not come close and birth too will cease. 
The Lord of gem-hue radiance bears a golden discus.
He is Madhusūdana, the Lord who rules us


The Discus-Lord is beyond the ken of gods,
He is the tireless Lord and creator, he grazed cows. 
On his broad shoulders he lifted a mountain,
Praise his feet without fail, O Good heart!


I trod the path of relentless service and worshipped him
as he taught in the yore, and saw his radiant lotus feet. 
Instantly, my Karmas have vanished.


Mādhava is Lord of gods praised in every Quarter. 
His feet are adored by his devotees everywhere. 
Fix your heart on him and offer worship everyday
with incense, lamp, fresh flowers and water


This decade of the thousand songs by Vaḻuti-land's Kurukūr Caṭakōpaṉ
on the Lord of the celestials who has strong wrestling shoulders, 
Offers shelter of his feet to those who can sing it


Those of you who seek Krishna's feet,
meditate on his name; Nārāyaṇa is the Mantra


Nārāyaṇa, our Lord, spouse of Dame Earth,
killer of rutted elephant, in his own cause


He made the Universe, He lifted it. 
He swallowed it and remade it.  He is the protector


The Ruler reclines on a serpent, in the ocean. 
Strew flowers at his feet and worship him everyday


Worship him every day, with fresh flowers
and sing his name, liberation is here


The Kaya-hued Lord resides in Vēṅkaṭam, 
He is Mādhava, who drank Pūtanā’s breasts


If you can sing Mādhava's names,
no hard will come, nor sin attain you


Free of faults, he who sings the names of the Cloud-Hued Lord will live like the gods


He evades the gods and gives himself to devotees ending their karmas


Karmas in hordes will flee in fear,
strew lotus flowers and contemplate on him


This decade of the thousand by Kurukūr Caṭakōpaṉ
will secure for devotees the race of the Lord


The Lord of discus resides in Vāṭṭāṟṟāṉ,
waiting to be commanded by his devotees.
No more do I seek birth in this dark world.
Dispel all doubts, and worship him. O Heart!


Singing songs and worshipping Keśava of Vāṭṭāṟṟāṉ,
we have ended karmic attachments and worldly connections,
we have attained the feet of  Nārāyaṇa who cuts rebirth. 
Do you hear O Frail heart?


We have attained Nārāyaṇa reciting his many names. 
He has come on Earth today, In Vāṭṭāṟṟāṉ of great wealth,
and hastens to give us Vaikuṇṭha at our command.
These are not happening by our leave, O Heart of mine!


The Lord in Vāṭṭāṟṟāṉ tore Hiraṇya’s wide chest with his nails;
He battled for the Pāṇḍavas in the terrible Bharata war. 
He resides in my heart, gracing me with great Tamil songs.
Out graceful Lord is indeed good to us.  O Good heart!


The Lord of Vāṭṭāṟṟāṉ gave me the path of liberation at his behest,
I have his feet on my head. 
The Lord wears honey-dripping Tulasī and rides the Garuda.
Now you can laugh at Hell, O Heart of mine!


My lotus-eyed Lord will never leave my heart. 
The Lord of Vāṭṭāṟṟāṉ hill reclines on a serpent. 
He destroyed the rutted elephant by the tusk.
His tinkling lotus feet are on my head.


We have attained the feet of our Lord Govinda
who lives in Vāṭṭāṟṟāṉ surrounded by Jewelled mansions
like a Tilaka for the ocean-hemmed south. 
My person wafts the fragrance of the Tulasī from his feet


The Lord of radiant crown and fragrant Tulasī garland,
Lord with discus gaining victory wherever he wills,
is the Lord of mountain-hue radiance in Vāṭṭāṟṟāṉ. 
I cannot understand what I did to deserve his grace


The jewel-Lord reclines in cool Vāṭṭāṟṟāṉ.
On his radiant chest he bears the lotus-dame Lakshmi. 
Riding the worthy Garuda, he destroyed many Asuras.
He resides in my heart forever, of his own accord


The Lord in Vāṭṭāṟṟāṉ reclines on a hooded serpent. 
He came as a lion and tore Hiraṇya’s wide chest.
He broke my cords of rebirth and made me his servant
granting favours such as I have never had before


This decade of the thousand songs by Kurukūr Caṭakōpaṉ
on Vāṭṭāṟṟāṉ -Lord, -who shows us his feet and averts the disaster of Hell, 
-Is sweet poetry which will not satiate even the gods


O Sweet-tongued poets, be one your guard when you sing! 
The Tirumāliruñcōlai-Lord is a wicked trickster. 
He entered my heart and soul as a wonder-poet,
then ate them, became them, and filled me without my knowing


Becoming me he became the worlds and the souls and filled them,
then himself too became this me and praised himself. 
Sweet as honey, milk and sugarcane sap, my Lord of Tirumāliruñcōlai –
he became all these after devouring my soul


My Lord resides in Tirumāliruñcōlai devouring me. 
He entered my wondrous speech, then made me all himself. 
How great is his grace!  I fold my hands in worship, need I say more?


Becoming the worlds and all the souls
if, he mingles into my body inseparably. 
He surveyed the Earth and chose Tirumāliruñcōlai. 
He shall not forsake us, our enemies shall die


The warning Asuras are dead, the good celestials have flourished. 
The seers who contemplate the unknown are rejoicing.
My Lord who sang his own praise in wisdom-based songs through me
stands in Tirumāliruñcōlai, singing the auspicious Tenaka


The Lord of Tirumāliruñcōlai devours all the worlds. 
My loving master also then protects them through the ages.
The Lord of Śrī, invisible even to Śiva and Brahma,
lovingly gave his graceful feet to me for worship


The Lord in Tirumāliruñcōlai, the mountain-gem who sings love songs,
is worshipped even by Śiva, Brahma, Indra and the gods.
Seers of great enlightenment praise the holy mountain


O Tirumāliruñcōlai hill, O Milk Ocean, My heart! 
O Tirumāl, Vaikuṇṭha, Cool Vēṅkaṭam hill,
My body O Great wonders, My life, thought, word and deed! 
O My first-cause Lord, who never leaves me!

The Ocean-hued Lord of Tirumāliruñcōlai is our master,
- the Supreme Cosmic Lord through age after age,
who creates, protects and destroys all in himself. 
Well done, O Heart!  Hold on to him, and let this body and life die


O My Lord of Tirumāliruñcōlai, my protector, my own self. 
These five sensory fields, five sensory organs,
five motor organs, five elements and the four envelopes of the soul
are all part of your cosmic Lila, Pray let them die!


This delightful decade of the thousand songs by Caṭakōpaṉ
of honey-dripping Kurukūr groves
on the destruction of Mahat, Ahaṁkāra, Manas and the five senses,
addresses the Tirumāliruñcōlai Lord who entered me, and himself became me.


Even as I uttered Tirumāliruñcōlai,
the Lord entered my heart and filled it,
On the Southern banks of the Kāverī washing precious gems,
the Lord and spouse of Śrī resides in Teṉ-tiruppēr


The Lord residing in Tiruppēr has come to me today,
entered my heart and filled it, never to leave. 
He who devoured the seven worlds, clouds, hills and seas
is contained inside me, tightly held


I held him destroyed rebirth and overcame disease
and diverted myself from the lure of household life. 
Tiruppēr is surrounded by pennoned mansions rising fall. 
Attaining His feet is an easy task for me, just me


My eyes rejoice to see Him so easily,
 With lightness heart I too rejoice,
Tiruppēr is surrounded by groves with sweet parrots. 
The Lord there will give us his clear Vaikuṇṭha


The Lord of Tiruppēr with nectarine groves
who grant us liberation is inside me today. 
He has entered this cage of flesh
and is himself clearing the path of all obstacles


The Lord of Tiruppēr, Lord in Tirumāliruñcōlai,
has come to stay and fill my heart forever. 
Tasting the cool ambrosia of liberation,
I rejoice to my satisfaction!


With surging love me heart has reached the last word. 
My Lord of Tiruppēr surrounded by bee-humming groves
remains in my eyes for me to rejoice forever. 
Relishing this taste, now what do I lack hereafter?


The Lord beyond the intellect is inside my eyes. 
He is the subtle essence of the seven Svaras.
The Lord of Tiruppēr is surrounded by jewel-mansions. 
He swells and fills my heart today


The Lord residing in Tiruppēr with mountain-like mansions,
today has made a person of me, sitting in my heart,
why had he left me to wander so long?,
-I begin to wonder, pray let him answer


My Lord I have rendered joyful service and attained your feet. 
This is all ask for.  No more
shall miseries besiege the devotees of the Lord
in Tiruppēr where many Vedic scholars live


This decade of the thousand songs
by Caṭakōpaṉ of Kurukūr where good men live,
on the Lord of Teṉ-Tiruppēr surrounded by big fields
will secure for devotees the radiant Vaikuṇṭha


Clouds in the sky played horns like heralds,
waves in the ocean clapped and danced. 
The seven continents stood with gifts,
to see the devotee of eternally-praised Nārāyaṇa homeward-bound


On seeing Nārāyaṇa's devotee,
the rain cloud joyously filled gold-pots in the sky,
the oceans stood and cheered in joy. 
The mountains made festoons for him,
and all the words bowed in worship


When they saw the devotees of the Earth, measuring Lord,
they rained flowers, lit incense and offered worship. 
Bards stood on either side and songs "Hail" and said, "This way to Vaikuṇṭha"


All the way the celestials made resting points,
The Moon and the Sun lighted the path,
thundering drums rolled like the ocean,
in honour of the nectar-Tulasī-Lord Mādhava’s devotee


All the way the celestials made resting points,
The Moon and the Sun lighted the path,
thundering drums rolled like the ocean,
in honour of the nectar-Tulasī-Lord Mādhava’s devotee


Incense rose with fire oblations, bugles and conches rent the air,
"Rule the sky, O Devotee!", the Vel-eyed dames cheered lustily


Marut and Vāsus joined in worship as damsels cheated in joy,
to see the bounded serf of the Lord, -the ocean-reclining Keśava, 
radiant-crowned Gopāla, Lord of Kuṭantai, -on his journey homeward bound


Gods in rows teamed to see and said, 
"Here comes Govinda's bonded serf!",
then climbed on the high walls of the festooned Gopura,
to catch a glimpse of the devotee,
-cast in Mādhava’s image, -as he entered Vaikuṇṭha


As the devotee entered the portals, the bards were filled with joy. 
The gods in the temple bowed and offered their niches to him,
for entering Vaikuṇṭha is every man's birth-right


Vedic seers praising their fortune, washed the devotee's feet,
while moon-faced dames greeted him
with Pūrṇa kumbha, lamp and saffron-water


The devotee then stood face to face before the Lord
in his jewel Maṇḍapa in everlasting joy. 
Those who master this decade
of the thousand by Kurukūr Caṭakōpaṉ will become bards


O Bard, Brahma, Śiva,
my wicked coral-lipped Lord of lotus eyes,  my black uncut Gem!
The soul of this forlorn self!  At last you have come to me. 
Now I shall not let you go, pray do not play your tricks again


Pray do not trick me, I swear
upon the fair lady of the lotus residing on your chest,
and upon you, take note! 
You openly made love and blended into my soul. 
Alas, now you must call me unto you


O, The First-cause, stock of the lotus-navel Brahma,
Śiva, Indra and all the gods who worship you! 
Other than you, I have no staff to lean my soul upon. 
My uncut-Gem-Lord! Come and call me, you must


O Dark expanse-of-space, and all that is in it! 
You are the sky, the light, the gods and all else,
you are the first-cause of gods and men. 
Alas, you have left me to bear my burden alone


If you forsake me and let me wander,
with whom do I do and what? 
Alas, what is left of me, what am I? 
My Lord, you drank my soul
like a red hot iron dropped in water,
you are my ambrosia, seed


My sweet Lord, my life, my soul
You have drunk me insatiably, now go on drinking me. 
O Kaya-hued Lord with lotus eyes and coral lips! 
O The perfect match for lotus dame!  O My love!


O My love, you became the love of lotus-dame!
Forming like a dark mountain with a crescent moon on
if you came as a boar and took the Earth between your tusk teeth. 
O Lord who churned the ocean, how can I let you go now?


How will let you go, my own sweet over-soul?
You are the endless karmas, their fruit and the enjoyer. 
Like a huge black hole you have entered the three worlds,
 and hidden yourself completely!  O My first-seed!


O First-cause seed of all the worlds, the first-cause, you
When will I come and join you? 
O First-cause continuum here, there and everywhere,
-surrounding me, wide, deep, fall, and endless!


O Great expanse, wide, deep, tall, and endless! 
Expanding bigger than that, O Radiant flower! 
Expanding bigger than that, O Radiant knowledge-bliss! 
Expanding bigger than that, you have mingled into me!


This consummate decade of the adorable thousand songs,
on the Lord who appears as Hari, Brahmā and Śiva,
is by Kurukūr Caṭakōpaṉ who found his liberation. 
Those who master it will be born in high

Nam'māḻvār tiruvaṭikaḷē caraṇam.