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Śrī Nārāyaṇa Kavacha

The Nārāyaṇa Kavācha is a Spiritual Armour to protect ourselves from our enemies seen and unseen. Raja Parīkṣit, asks his teacher, Sage Śūka for a means to protect himself from his enemies. Sage Śūka teaches him the Nārāyaṇa Kavācha. It is believed the one who reads this Kavācha becomes extremely holy and anyone who reads this Nārāyaṇa Kavācha would be protected by Lord Vishnu.

Śrīmad Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa - an English translation of which you can read online following the links below – is the oldest Epic of the Hindu literature and philosophy, far more ancient as the famous Mahābhārata Epic, which is much later work. According to traditional narrative Rāmāyaṇa describes events which have taken place in the Tretā Yuga, second of the four eons (yugas) of Hindu chronology.

Śrī Rāmānuja (1017–1137)

Here you can read online full text of Gītā Bhāṣya of Bhagavad Rāmānujācārya or commentaries of the great spiritual leader, teacher and philosopher of 11th century - Rāmānuja on Bhagavad Gītā – the famous ancient dialog about the most important questions of human life, duties, bonds and Liberation, between the great warrior Arjuṇa and Divine incarnation – Śrī Kṛṣṇa.

Brahma Sutras

Brahma Sutras or otherwise known as Vedanta Sutras is one of the most important philosophical treatises in the history of India. Brahma Sutras summarize and systemize the vast knowledge of Four Vedas, which was later expressed in Upanishads, in 555 concise aphorisms (Sutras), grouped according to 223 topics, in four chapters (Adhyayas) and 16 sections (Padas).

Śrimad Bhagavad Gīta

Śrimad Bhagavad Gītā – the one of the most popular Hindu Holy Scriptures is now available also on this website. Bhagavad Gītā has been read, told, commented, believed and discussed throughout ages and centuries, by Holy Sages and in Homes of ordinary lay believers of vast array of Hindu traditions and sects. Now here is an opportunity for everyone to read, find, quote and share

Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram

Vishnu Sahasranāma Stotram – full classical text of 1000 names of Vishnu, in transliterated Sanskrit with translation of meanings in English. One should meditate for the removal of all obstacles upon Vishnu who is clad in white garments, who has lustre like the moon, who has four arms and a beneficent face. This worship of the Supreme Lotus-eyed Lord at all times by a person

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