Thirupalliyezhuchi | Thondaradipodi Āḻvār



by Thondaradipodi Āḻvār

The Āḻvār, Śrī Thondar-adi-podi (dust of the feet of the devotees of the Lord), in these verses requests the Lord of Śrīraṅgam to awake from his Yoga Nidrā to bless all those gathered to receive his Darśan.

With a fine description of the nature around Śrīraṅgam and a broad canvas of poetic imagery, the verses carry the refrain:

O’ Śrī Raṅganātha be pleased to arise and bless us all! (Arangathama Palliyezhundarulaye).

This hymn is to be sung every day by devout Śrī Vaiṣṇavites as part of their daily prayer. (Nithyanusandhanam).


The sun has risen in the east reaching the mountain peak.
Dense darkness has departed. Day has dawned.
Nectar starts dripping from flowers just blossomed.
Celestials and kings have started assembling in front of the temple gate.
The rows of elephants both male and female restless,
the battle drums sounding high, the din raised by the pressing crowd
all around beats the noise made by the breakers of the billowing sea.
O! Lord of Śrīraṅgam! Be pleased to arise and bless us all.


O! Is it not the gentle breeze risen from the east
lifting the fetching fragrance of the bountiful jasmine flower creepers?
The swans rising from their lotus beds
are shaking off the dew drops from their wide wet wings.
O! Lord you relieved the agony of the elephant Gajendra
struggling against the deathly deep hold
by the fearsome white teeth of the awful jaws of the crocodile!
"O! Raṅganātha! Be pleased to arise and bless us all!"


The glittering stars have ceased to twinkle.
The moon which spread cool brightness around has faded.
The bright light of the sun has started to spread in all directions
lifting the pall of enveloping darkness.
The gentle morning breeze blows across the palm groves
carrying the fragrance of areca fronds,
rustling through their boughs and fresh shoots.
O! Lord of Śrīraṅgam, holding the blazing disc in your huge hand,
Be pleased to arise and bless us all!


The noise of herdsman steering the big young buffaloes in their march,
the peal of bells tied to cattle necks, the sound of flutes played by cowherds,
the humming of honey bees hovering over the flowers,
combined to make a musical ensemble moving across the fields.
O! Lord, Lord of the celestials, the wielder of the famed bow
which guarded the sacrifice of the sage to the end of the last ritual,
the bow which tormented the tribe of Lankan Rākṣasas the mighty king of Ayodhyā!
Be pleased to arise to bless us all!


O! Lord of the temple visited for worship by the King of Lanka;
it is day break. Darkness has receded, dawn advancing.
Birds are chirping giving voice to the flower gardens as a whole,
which mingles with the roar of great eastern sea.
Celestials have descended carrying bouquets and garlands of fragrant flowers
still being swarmed by dancing bees drunk to the full,
to offer worship at the Lord's feet.
Be pleased to arise and bless us all!


Who are the celestials that have arrived?
There are eleven bull riding Rudras.
Is it not that there are the eight Vāsus?
This must be the twelve Ādityas yonder! with their bejewelled chariots.
O! there is the General of the Gods,
Kumara with his divisions, six faced riding the peacock.
The Māruta and others with their horses and dancing retinue
are gathered and knocking at the temple door
like tidal waters breaking on the cliff.
O! Lord Be pleased to arise and bless us all!


Who are all others in the gathering of the celestials?
The sages of rare penances and Maruts.
Surely this must be Indra come with his Airāvata, his white elephant.
The Gandharvas and Vidyādharas and Yakṣas
are swaying to entrancing music.
There is no space left in front of the temple gate
sky, space and netherworld, all filled by people
eager to worship your holy feet!
O! Lord! Be pleased to arise and bless us all!


The celestials have come with tributes and countless gifts and cosmetics –
the Śaṅkha and Padma funds – with the Holy Grass, the Holy Cow
the mirror, the collyrium compact;
The virtuous sages Tumburu and Nārada singing your praises.
The sun has also appeared spreading brightness
driving away darkness from the firmament.
O! Lord, Be pleased to arise and bless us all!


O! Lord! Kinnaras and Gandharvas have been singing
and playing faultlessly throughout the night,
the single stringed lute, the flute, the kettledrum and so on.
Mādhavas, gods, Chāraṇas and Yakṣas
also sing to the accompaniment of big drums,
sending everybody including siddhas into a trance.
They have all come to worship at your feet
O! Lord! Be pleased to arise and bless us all!


Sweet smelling lotuses have blossomed. Sun has arisen from the eastern ocean,
the waves rising to the low murmur, slender waisted women with curly tresses,
coming out of water, wiping water off their hair and wringing their clothes to dry,
O! Lord of Śrīraṅgam! surrounded by Cauvery!
Please accept this offering from Thondaradipodi,
carrying fragrant Tulsi leaves in the basket thrown on his shiny shoulders,
calling himself the dust of the feet of your devotees!
Be pleased to arise and bless me as an indulgent father his son!