III-2 Śrī Bhāshya | Rāmānuja


Brahma Sutras: Chapter 3 Pāda 2

Topic 1 - The soul in the dream state

Topic 2 - The soul in dreamless sleep

Topic 3-4

Topic 3 - The self-same soul returns from Suṣupti

Topic 4 - The nature of a swoon

Topic 5 - The nature of the Supreme Brahman

Topic 6 - ‘Not this, not this’ in Brih. 2.3.6. denies the gross and subtle forms of Brahman given in Brih. 2.3.1. and not Brahman Itself

Topic 7 - Brahman is one without a second, and expressions which apparently imply something else as existing are only metaphorical

Topic 8 - Īśvara the giver of the fruits of actions