II-1 Śrī Bhāshya | Rāmānuja


Brahma Sutras: Chapter 2 Pāda 1

Topic 1 - Refutation of Smṛiti that are not based on the Śrutis

Topic 2 - Refutation of the Yoga philosophy

Topic 3 - Brahman, though of a different nature from the world, can yet be its cause

Topic 4 - The line of reasoning against the Sānkhyas is valid also against others like the Atomists

Topic 5 - The distinctions like enjoyer and enjoyed do not contradict the truth which is oneness

Topic 6 : 14 - The non-difference of the effect from the cause

Topic 6 : 15-20 - The non-difference of the effect from the cause

Topic 7 - Refutation of the objection that if Brahman were the cause of the world, then It and the Jīva being really one, Brahman would be responsible for creating evil

Topic 8 - Brahman though destitute of material and instruments is yet the cause of the world

Topic 9 - Brahman though without parts is yet the material cause of the world

Topic 10 - Brahman’s power of Māyā established

Topic 11 - Brahman’s creation has no motive behind except a sportive impulse

Topic 12 - Partiality and, cruelty cannot be attributed to Brahman

Topic 13 - Brahman endowed with all attributes necessary for creation