IV-3 Śrī Bhāshya | Rāmānuja

Brahma Sutras: Chapter 4 Pāda 3

Topic 1 - The path connected with deities beginning with that of the flame is the only path to Brahmaloka

Topic 2 - The departing soul reaches the deity of the year and then the deity of the air

Topic 3-4

Topic 3 - After reaching the deity identified with lightning the soul reaches the world of Varuṇa

Topic 4 - Flame etc. referred to in the text describing the path of the gods mean deities identified with the flame etc., which conduct the soul stage after stage till Brahmaloka is reached

Topic 5 - The Brahman to which the departed souls go by the path of the gods is the Saguṇa Brahman

Topic 6 - Only those who have worshipped the Saguṇa Brahman without a symbol attain Brahmaloka