II-4 Śrī Bhāshya | Rāmānuja


Brahma Sutras: Chapter 2 Pāda 4

Topic 1 - The organs are produced from Brahman

Topic 2 - The number of the organs

Topics 3-4

Topic 3 - The organs are minute in size

Topic 4 - The chief Prāṇa (vital force) also is created from Brahman

Topic 5 - The chief vital force is different from air and sense functions

Topics 6-7

Topic 6 - The minuteness of the vital force

Topic 7 - The presiding deities of the organs

Topic 8 - The organs are independent principles and not modes of the chief Prāṇa

Topic 9 - The creation of names and forms is by the Lord and not by the individual soul