I-4 Śrī Bhāshya | Rāmānuja


Brahma Sutras: Chapter 1 Pāda 4

Topic 1 - The Mahat and Avyakta of the Katha Upanishad do not refer to the Sānkhya’s categories

Topic 2 - The Tri-coloured Ajā of the Śvetāśvatara Upanishad is not the Sānkhya’s Pradhāna

Topic 3 - The fivefold five people of Brih. 4. 4. 17 are not the twenty-five Sānkhya’s categories

Topic 4 - There is no contradiction in the scriptures as regards the fact that Brahman is the First Cause

Topic 5 - He who is the maker of the sun, moon, etc., is Brahman and not Prāṇa (the vital force) or the individual soul

Topic 6 - The Self to be seen through hearing etc. is Brahman

Topic 7 - Brahman is also the material cause of the world

Topic 8 - The arguments which refute the Sānkhyas refute also others