II-3 Śrī Bhāshya | Rāmānuja


Brahma Sutras: Chapter 2 Pāda 3

Topic 1 - Ether is not eternal but created

Topics 2-5

Topic 2 - Air springs from ether

Topic 3 - Brahman is not created

Topic 4 - Fire created from air

Topic 5 - Water Created From Fire

Topic 6 - Earth Created From Water

Topics 7-8

Topic 7 - Brahman as the creative principle residing in the preceding element is the cause of the subsequent element in the order of creation

Topic 8 - Reabsorption takes place in the inverse order to that of creation

Topic 9 - The mention of the mind, intellect, and organs does not interfere with the order of creation and reabsorption, as they are the products of the elements

Topic 10 - Birth and death are primarily spoken of the body, and metaphorically of the soul

Topic 11 - The individual soul is permanent, eternal, etc.

Topic 12 - The nature of the individual soul is intelligence

Topic 13 - The size of the individual soul

Topic 14 - The individual soul as agent

Topic 15 - The soul is an agent only so long as it is connected with the Upādhis

Topic 16 - The soul in its activity is dependent on the Lord

Topic 17 - Relation of the individual soul to Brahman